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  • A licensed RN in good standing and should also holding a current license in
  • Graduate from an accredited college with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing or other health related field, with two years of professional experience as a RN in Community health and/or home health.
  • Also in lieu of a BS degree, the Director of Nursing may have 3 years of professional experience as a RN in community health and/or home health, with progressive nursing responsibilities.
  • One year of community health and/or home health experience must be in the United States or its possessions.
  • Complete the High-Tech Exam, when applicable
  • Also Validation of high-tech experience (IV, ventilator care, when applicable)
  • Attendance at Continuing Education Programs per Agency Policy, if applicable
  • Availability via telephone and to provide home visits, if necessary, during Agency On-Call
  • Professional Liability Insurance with 1-3 million dollars coverage, if applicable.

Physical Requirements:

  • Also able to effectively communicate within clients and co-workers.
  • Proficient to perform tasks involving physical activity, which may include heavy lifting and extensive bending and standing.
  • Consequently ability to deal effectively with stress.

Reports To:


Essential Functions of the Position:

  • To ensure quality and safe delivery of home health care
  • Coordinate provision of home health care services that reflect agency philosophy and
  • Plan, develop, implement and evaluate agency services, programs and
  • Ensure quality and safe delivery of nursing care services, is delivered within the guidelines of the ANA Standards of Care and the policies of the agency.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Ensures quality and safe delivery of home health care
  • Assists in planning and overall development and also administration of the company per agency policies and procedures.
  • Assumes assigned responsibility for agency operations in the absence of the Administrator.
  • Responsible for the overall coordination and also evaluation of Client Services.
  • Reliable for overall coordination of the Quality Improvement and also Risk Management Program per agency policy
  • Coordinates with community agencies to provide for continuity of care.
  • Monitors the clinical status of all clients.
  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with the client and his/her family
  • Interprets to the client and family implications of the client’s health status.
  • Assists in the hiring process (interview, orientation, competency).
  • Evaluates and supervises staff.
  • Coordinates in-service training. Maintains documentation of attendance.
  • Performs functions of the Nursing Supervisor as needed.
  • Able to do additional duties as assigned by Administrator.
  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with other members of the health care team and staff of the agency.
  • Consistently adheres to universal precautions, aseptic technique and infection control guidelines.
  • Consistently seeks, accepts and implements suggestions to improve performance.
  • Demonstrates respect for the opinion of others.
  • Consistently assumes and follows through on the responsibility for assignment.
  • Demonstrates the ability to function effectively under stressful situations.
  • Maintains confidentiality of client assessments and records.
  • Utilizes time effectively, maintaining a consistent level of productivity.
  • Identifies and uses appropriate resources.
  • Demonstrates sound judgment and clinical knowledge in planning and decision making.
  • Consistently complies with standards for attendance, absence notification and punctuality.
  • Perpetually demonstrates professionalism through appearance, performance and
  • Assumes responsibility for reading and comprehending all posted notices, communications and policies/procedures.
  • Respects the rights, privacy and property of others at all times.

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