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Home Care is health care provided in a patient’s home by healthcare professionals. It often referred to as home health care or skilled nursing care or by family and friends. Also known as caregivers, primary caregivers, or voluntary caregivers, who provide informal care. Moreover it encompasses a wide range of health and social services. Furthermore, the term is used to distinguish non-medical care or custodial care, which is care that is provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel. The term home healthcare, refers to care that is provided by professional licensed personnel.

PHIS offers an undoubtably attractive alternative for seniors who wish to remain in their homes or senior living residences. Our non-medical senior care services include companionship, homemaking, transportation, and light housekeeping. Consequently we understand the importance of providing quality home care. The believes says that age alone should never limit horizons. This new world of longevity should offer seniors an enriched life that continues to expand with meaning and purpose.
We welcome the privilege of working for seniors with trust and the respect. Trust must be earned and respect must be looked upon as a basic human principle. For your convenience, PHIS offers both hourly and packaged elder care services.

  • Firstly visits the home with you and your family to evaluate your home care needs
  • Secondly discusses your goals and makes recommendations for the care program
  • Thereafter contact your physician and other professionals to coordinate the care program
  • Assigns and orients the appropriate care staff to meet the specific care program goals
  • Supervises and evaluates the caregivers
  • Provides ongoing assessments of care program goals
  • Assists you to make ongoing plans for the care program and future requirements

The services that are described under the non-medical home care heading are more general in nature. These services are generally used to assist the patient with the activities of daily living (ADLs) including: dressing, grooming, cooking, light housekeeping, transportation and the like. These services do not require a skilled or licensed professional.
However the term home care is used, it usually covers the continuum of services from non-medical to skilled care. It enables people to continue to live safe and independently in their homes.

Medical Billing services help doctors to get payment quickly and efficiently. At PHIS, we provide state of the art medical billing and accounting software with a team of qualified and experienced experts who can dramatically increase revenue and cash flow for a medical practice. We also provide regular follow-up services with patients and their insurance company. Medicare gives priority to any claims submitted electronically. Generally claims received online are getting paid in 15 days, compare to paper claims which usually take almost double time (approximately 30 days). National statistics shows, only about 66 percent of insurance claims, initially submitted on paper, are ever paid by insurance carriers. With E- submission, Physicians first Billing and Claims can increase the percentage of claims paid to around 97 percent. Our system will improve your financial performance and free your staff to focus on your medical practice.

  • Concentrate on your medical practice and increase your productivity by
  • letting PHIS provide your medical billing.
  • Save time, improve collections, increase patient tracking capabilities
  • Electronic Claim submission for faster turn- around time and quick payment
  • Password protected day to day billing access via the internet.
  • Concise and comprehensive printed statements every month.
  • HIPAA compliant and highly secured password protected 128 bit encrypted internet site.
  • The most Affordable, Simple and Authentic Billing Services in Tri-State area.

  • Cost Effective
  • Improves Cash Flow on time
  • Hassle free billing compliance
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Focus on Patient care
  • Record keeping & maintenance
  • Accurate & timely report

  • Save money: Save between 30% and 50% on your monthly Labor, postage and material costs
  • Increase Productivity: Instead of folding and stuffing, your staff can Focus on more important things.
  • Improve Cash Flow: Bills go out faster so receivalbes come Back quicker.
  • Migrate to Electronic Delivery: Whether it’s email, or EDI, wer have a solutions for you.
  • “Absolutely Free”: Web based Care This will let your patient schedule their Appointment from the comfort of their Own home

ParamMD is being developed to facilitate medical billing and practice management. It will be used to enter, collect, process, integrate and report medical information. Hence the usage of this application will help physicians streamline administration. It will also improve speed and efficiency, fight fraud, increase accuracy and reduce claim rejections. It helps to improve patient care and reduce the time it takes for reimbursement of services rendered.

The application can be easily integrated with other products like Medical claims processing softwares though EDI, etc.

Client Manager is being developed to facilitate all client interaction in any business practice. Firstly it is used to enter, collect, process, integrate and report client information. Secondly this application will help managers streamline administration and improve work efficiency. It also helps to prevent fight fraud, increase accuracy, improve client care, and reduce the time it takes for reimbursement of services rendered. Client Manager Application is user friendly. The application facilitates in maintaining client records, scheduling client appointments, maintaining payment history, scanning and storing documents and generating reports. It provides detail record of a client’s demographic and administrative data. Client manager will provide privilege-based access to client information and has several access levels available. The application is highly encrypted and password protected to provide data security due to the nature of the data entered into the system.

Telemedicine (Referred as Telemed) system is an innovative Telemedicine platform enables online communication between Providers (Medical professionals, Doctors) and Clients (Patients). This system facilitates add profile, case details, search providers, schedule appointment and conduct communication in the form of video, audio, and text chat. This system will enable people to connect from remote location with specialist doctors at convenience and when it’s most needed.

It’s often gap between the demand & supply of medical services in terms of for provider getting the patients & for patients getting the provider on times. Param Telemed system is software to be developed to mitigate this gap and provide cost effective & convenient solution for the both parties.

Param Institute of Education (PIE) is a private vocational institute, established in 2009, Iselin, NJ. Although the founders of the school are highly educated professionals and prominent community service leaders. Moreover the goal of the founders was to assist healthcare industry by training health care professional to fulfill the growing needs of the healthcare services. Furthermore this encouraged the founder to start career oriented short-term training program for students interested in the field of Healthcare, Technology, Yoga and Wellness. Henceforth with this idea in mind, founders envisioned an academic institution, an innovative school to impart quality education in Healthcare, IT, Yoga and Wellness.

PIE’s objective is to remain focused to achieve uncompromising success in imparting knowledge and professional skills to students. Hence it ensure that they obtain an excellent career in specialized technical and non-technical fields of study with focus on allied healthcare professions, IT, Yoga and Wellness. 

Param Adult Day Center is a day care service provided for the senior people. Altogether your loved one can enjoy our environment with beautiful lake side view, activity area, libraries and media rooms. They also have on site PT/OT services, and comfort room. Moreover providing Transportation, Community Outings, Spiritual Growth Activities, Health Monitoring and Education. Also provide Continental Breakfast and Lunch, Nursing Services, Social Worker Services, Dietician Services and Daily activities. Furthermore Param will streamline and co-ordinate their care for you so you can spend time enjoying being with your aging loved one instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to manage their health. Param will handle the difficult issues for your loved one that in-home care and assisted living won’t and usually aren’t qualified to handle.

Our web solutions direct patients to your healthcare facility. However it provides them with valuable healthcare and practical information and position your practice as the state-of-the-art facility for the area you serve.

Our best of breed products, partnerships, world-class IT staff and thorough understanding of your needs. Furthermore they provide you the long-term, technical expertise you seek in an IT partner. We also help you create a progressive, state-of-the-art healthcare facility by maximizing the benefits of information technology.

Hospitals and other health facilities usually allow only credentialed physicians. So physicians who have been fully credentialed and privileged to admit patients are only allowed to provide services in those facilities. Furthermore the credentialing requirements can be particularly problematic for entry level physicians. So for those who start working at a new medical practice before the enrollment and credentialing processes have been completed by the relevant health plans and health facilities. Many physician practices use a credentialing service to maintain their information and manage the credentialing requests they receive.

Param Bhakti Healthcare & Research Services, an affiliate of PHIS located in New Jersey and Florida, is dedicated to novel research in pairing ancient botanical compounds with modern drug delivery technology and holistic approaches to treat chronic diseases. Dr. B. B. Thakar Research Center, a DBA of Param Bhakti Healthcare & Research Services focuses on development of novel complex drug delivery systems for effective delivery ofherbal drug. We are a resident of the University of South Florida(USF) Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) and are collaborating with the USF’s College of Pharmacy on applied research with support from the Florida High Tech Corridor.

Param Institute of Education (PIE), a DBA of PHIS, is private vocational institute in New Jersey, established in 2009. The founders of the school are highly educated professionals and prominent community service leaders. Our goal is to assist healthcare industry by training health care professional to fulfill the growing needs of the healthcare services. This encouraged usto start career oriented short-term training program for students interested in the field of Healthcare and Healthcare Technology. With this idea in mind, we envisioned an academic institution, an innovative school to impart quality education in Healthcare.

Param Wellness, an affiliate of PHIS, offers various personalized healthcare plans to refresh, restore, and rejuvenate. Param wellness is associated with the research centers, renowned wellness dignitaries, wellness resorts, and spa to take total care of our clients. We use the complementary approaches together with the ongoing conventional treatment in a coordinated way. Our qualified Wellness Counselors are skilled, certified, and highly experienced to deliver classic counseling care and supportive therapy. Our mission is to provide the best available solutions to heal the mind, body, and soul. Accordingly, we provide the latest research and evidence-based holistic care so that clients feel their best at all times, naturally.